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Professionals in real-estate emotions

Domus Venice Real Estate is one of the first real estate company within Venetian territory adopting, using and developing international sales strategies and marketing ideas.

Domus Venice Real Estate targets constant improving of its professional standards together with empowering within national and international real estate scenario.

Domus Venice Real Estate team is made by skilled professionals such as real estate consultants enrolled within Venice Chamber of Commerce, financial advisors, technicians (experts, architects, real estate evaluators, already advising Venice Court), marketing & communications managers.

A multi-service and multi-channel approach to real estate, modern and performing, devoted to customer satisfaction.

Domus Venice Real Estate first built up “Home Booklet”, a sort of Manual or Passport with all historical and technical info on estates.

Besides technology and “business” approach, we put our heart on the table: because we want to give to our customers their “Venetian dream” … this is the reason why we are “professionals in real estate emotions”.

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